Fancy Feast® Creamy Delights™ Wet Cat Food

Fancy Feast® Creamy Delights™ Wet Cat Food

5431 reviews

Thoughtfully Prepared with a Touch of Real Milk



Now your cat’s favorite meals are made with the creamy, dreamy taste and texture of real milk. Fancy Feast® Creamy Delights™ are the tender, savory Fancy Feast entrées cats know and love, now infused with just a touch of the real milk cats crave. Not too much, not too little, but just the right amount of real milk is added for a delicious taste that’s also easily digestible for cats.

Key Features
  • Made with just a touch of real milk
  • Each and every bite easily digestible
  • 100% complete and balanced for adult cats
  • 3 oz. can
  • Crafted in our U.S. facilities


Available in the tastes and textures cats love

  • Classic Chicken Feast with a Touch of Real Milk

  • Classic Salmon Feast with a Touch of Real Milk

  • Grilled Chicken Feast with a Touch of Real Milk in a Creamy Sauce

  • Grilled Tuna Feast with a Touch of Real Milk in a Creamy Sauce


Based on 5431 reviews
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Tried a sample of Fancy Feast Creamy Delights. My cat actually ate it, I couldn't believe it. I must have the pickiest cat on the planet. She didn't leave a spec in the bowl!!!
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My kitty enjoyed this sample. He ate it quickly. I think I would buy this product.
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My cats loved fancy feast creamy delights! Bowls were licked clean!
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I received a sample of Fancy Feast Creamy Delights wet catfood free from My one cat, Eve, absolutely loved it and ate it all in one setting.
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My cat normally does not like wet food unless it's a can of tuna fish. My cat tore this up! I was really surprised he liked it so much!!
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My cats loved fancy Feast food, the texture my cats love and they finish eating it
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After receiving this PINCHME sample to try I gave a little to each of our 7 cats and they ate it off the spoon delightfully. I hadn't tried Creamy Delights before with them but i'm sure now i'm going to because of the love they had for it. Fancy Feast in general works well for our cats as is never causes them to get sick as apposed to some other brands So i'm trusting with the products and what goes into them.
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Overall my cat enjoyed the fancy feast creamy delights so I would assume that it tasted good.
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My cat did not like this particular fancy feast but she loves your treats and dry food, I wouldn't make any assumptions based on her, she takes time to warm up to new things
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Fancy feast creamy delights is good for cats that need just that little bit of milk taste , i have always bought fancy feast even though its expensive
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My cat ate this as fast as her regular food so she must have liked it a lot. The Creamy delights by Fancy Feast is now on my shoppinglist
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Fancy Feast, Creamy Delights cat food, Sorry my cat just didn't like it, now keep in mind that my cat is 13 yrs. Old and prefers dry food...
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My Cats loved Fancy Feast Creamy Delights and finished so fast.
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My cat thought this was purrrfect and ate every last drop.
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This is a good product, it's just that my cat did not like it. He's very picky I guess. He's used to eating the canned food, so I thought this was a good product to try but he wasn't having it. The texture was good, and it seemed like he was interested at first but then walked away. I left it out, but he just never wanted to try it. I would recommend it, as it's an easy open can and the serving size was good.
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Apparently this was reaaaaaallly good. All 3 cats enjoyed it and finished it in record time. Then they looked for more!
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I had seen this is the grocery store, but hesitated trying something new with my picky cats. They loved Fancy Feast Creamy Delights! I gave it to them an the ate it up quick and was purring the entire time!
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MY cat went nuts for Fancy Feast Creamy Delights he didn't leave the food dish till it was gone.
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My cat normally hates "cat food" he never touches it. He was hesitant at first but I woke up and the plate was GONE!
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i gave the fancy feast creamy delights to my cat jinxy & he ate the whole can! he loved it!!! i will definately buy this for him again!
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The product seemed totally fine and I even liked the packaging....however, my cat is a picky eater and did not enjoy, which isn't really the fault of the product itself.
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I received my fancy feast creamy delights cat food. And my cat just loves it. Im going to purchase it again.
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I received FANCY FEAST® CREAMY DELIGHTS™ WET CAT FOOD ft PinchMe. My cats loved it and wanted more. We had the chicken. Yes I will buy this product again.
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I received a can of Fancy Feast Creamy Delights from PINCHme. I am unsure what would be the benefits of using cow's milk in cat food. A simple google search results in countless articles advising against giving milk to cats. This product's inclusion of milk seems to be, at best, unnecessary. I would not choose to knowingly give my cat anything that could potentially cause any health complications. However remote the likelihood of developing gastric problems may be, ANY risk seems irresponsible. I would never consider giving my dog a dog treat that had "just a touch of cocoa," so i do not see why I should consider buying this for my cat. Two thumbs down.
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My cat love it Fancy feast creamy delight is the only food that she likes I had tried other ones but she loves Fancy feast only,