ZzzQuil Nighttime Sleep-Aid

ZzzQuil Nighttime Sleep-Aid

4303 reviews

When life keeps you up. ZzzQuil helps you sleep.



ZzzQuil is a non-habit forming sleep aid that helps you get the sound sleep you need by providing relief of occasional sleeplessness. The active ingredient in ZzzQuil that helps you sleep is Diphenhydramine HCl, which is an antihistamine.

Key Features
  • Helps you Fall Asleep is as little as 20 minutes
  • Non-Habit Forming


  • Sleep Soundly. Wake Refreshed
  • Not for Pain. Just for Sleep™
  • Ensure Time to Get a Sufficient Night's Sleep (7-8 hours)

Use as directed for occasional sleeplessness. Read each label. Keep out of reach of children.


Based on 4303 reviews
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I really haven't tried ZZZQuil Nighttime Sleep-Aid yet, but I plan to.
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Tried sample of ZzzQuil Nighttime Sleep Aid. Very pleased with results of sample. Minimal after effects, like grogginess. I only take half of a regular dose, though.
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I like this product. I would use occasionally but not all the time. Enjoyed trying this.
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I have trouble sleeping sometimes and this ZzzQuil definitely helped me fall fast asleep. I recommend this product.
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I received a free sample ZzzQuil in my pinch me box. I took as directed and I went to sleep soon after taking it. I slept through the night and woke up refreshed! I recommend this Nighttime Sleep Aid to anyone having trouble falling asleep!
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I tried ZzzQuill Nighttime sleep aid because i wanted a break from prescription medication. i fell asleep fairly quickly..slept through the night..and best of all was i had no lingering grogginess!
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I used the Zzzquil Nighttime Sleep Aid and I think my nights sleep was better and I fell to sleep really quickly!
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In replacement when Im out of my other sleep aid I take them and I like them.
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My wife takes this Zzzzquil when she is out of her favorite one and she likes them. I take them when I cant fall sleep and I liked them
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I like the ZZQuil. When I ran out of my other one I take the zzzquil .
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Thank you ZzzQuil I haven't good night sleep in a minute.
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I received ZzzQuil nighttime sleep aid through Pinchme.com to try. The product works fairly well, I use it to get some rest when I'm sick. It makes me drowsy but doesn't knock me out. Must sleep for at least 8 hours though because I feel worse if I don't until it runs through my system.
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I am usually not a fan of medication but I recieved this sample of ZzzQuil Nighttime Sleep Aid and it completely relaxed me and I was able to fall asleep instantly with no hassle. And I felt well rested the next morning. I give it an A+!
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I love ZzzQuil's Nighttime Sleep Aid. I received a free sample and fell in love. It makes getting to sleep and staying asleep actually happen. I struggled with occasional insomnia bouts and this helped me with that.
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I received a sample of ZzzQuil and I really like this product. I get a full night's sleep and wake up rested. No drowsiness as I have often with other brands I have tried, and I am not at all suffering with that dreaded sluggish feeling all day. I feel confident this product is safe to take and I will continue to do so.
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Didn't make me sleepy at all. Everything makes me sleepy I do not know why I just did not work for me. I was very hopeful. My boyfriend also tried it and it didn't work for him either
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The coupon that we on the box expired 6/30/17 and I received it 7/13/17
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ZzzQuil nighttime sleep aid works good , and is non addicting
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ZzzQuil's Nighttime Sleep Aid made me sleep soundly without a doubt. I usually can't fall asleep until around 11:30 pm but this let me sleep much earlier.
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I received zzzquil nighttime sleep aid as a free sample from pinchme and I'm so happy I did! I love this product it helps me fall asleep fast and stay asleep feeling refreshed in the morning! If you haven't tried it you should !
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I do not use sleep aids so the ZzzQuil Nighttime Sleep Aid was not used.
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This was ok. Didn't notice a difference between taking an alleve and this.
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So last night I couldn't get to sleep so I tired the ZZZQuil nighttime sleep aid and I think took a trip an hour for it to start to work and for me thats a long time. In the morning it took me a little longer to wake up to my 3 year old which for me is not a good thing but her father was home with us so I wasn't worried about her being up before me.
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I sometimes find that I just can not fall asleep some nights. I had one of those nights and reached for my ZzzQuil! This nighttime sleep aid helped me to fall asleep and stay asleep, so that I could go to work and function the next day.
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I can sometimes have difficulty sleeping. While most things I try are not 100% effective, I've seen the benefits of ZzzQuil and how it has given me some great nights of sleep. I received a free sample of ZzzQuil -- it's a Nighttime Sleep Aid from PINCHme.com. I appreciated the trial, though I have and will continue to purchase this product as it's effects are great. I feel like I always get a good night of sleep without feeling groggy or off the next morning. I can use it occasionally when I need sleep, without feeling like I'm going to become overly reliant on it. The pill form makes it easy to keep in my nightstand to be pulled out when needed.