Ivory Free and Gentle Body Wash

Ivory Free and Gentle Body Wash

151 reviews

Trusted by families for generations



Ivory Skin Nourishing Science

For more than 130 years, families have trusted Ivory and its uncompromised ingredients and quality. What sets new Ivory Free & Gentle body wash apart is two-fold:

Uncompromised Cleansing

Ivory’s gentle and pure body wash is specially formulated with our mildest cleansers and designed to match your natural skin pH. It is also free of parabens, dyes and heavy fragrances. The end result is a product gentle enough for the whole family.

Uncompromised Moisture

Our dermatologist-recommended primary moisturizer and moisturization enhancer deliver visual dryness benefits you can see after just one use. Additionally, our product is designed to deliver light, smooth and silky skin without the sticky feeling sometimes associated with other moisturizing body washes.

Key Features
  • Dye and Paraben Free
  • Made with Essential Oils


At Ivory we believe in purity and to us that means using thoughtful ingredients to make products that you and your family can trust. In 1882 we created a soap that was 99.44% pure and we haven’t lost touch with where we came from.


*Clinically-proven moisturization you can see & feel – 100% of women noticed dry skin improvement in a clinical study.

*Super mild, authentic cleansing suitable for the whole family – exactly what you would expect from Ivory, the Original Gentle Family brand.

*A luxurious shower experience with your choice of three new sophisticated, stimulating scents providing dry skin relief.

Comes in three scents:

  • Ivory Free and Gentle Cleanse and Revive with scents of Sweet Pea and Lily

  • Ivory Free and Gentle Cleanse and Soothe with scent of Chamomile

  • Ivory Free and Gentle Cleanse and Nourish with scents of Pear and Sandalwood


Based on 151 reviews
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I received a free sample of the Ivory Free and Gentle Body Wash from PinchMe. This is such a wonderful body wash. It lathers so well and it smells amazing! It is dye and paraben free and pH balanced. It contains essential oils and is so moisturizing for the skin. My skin feels so clean and hydrated each time I use it. Love it!! It is a great product!
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I already use Ivory bar soap for a variety of different things. So I was really excited to receive the Free and Gentle Body Wash from pinchme to try out. I love It! It keeps my skin feeling soft and moisturized, not at all drying. The fragrance is really nice, not overpowering, and lingers for a while after showering. I love that it has a pump, it just makes it that much more pleasant to use. I would 100% recommend trying out this body wash; it might become your new favorite!
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The body wash was very gentle on my sensitive skin. Very moisturizing and left my skin feeling hydrated.
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I really love this Ivory Free and Gentle Body Wash. It suds great and smells great plus its a brand I can trust. I am very impressed with this soap and will be buying it again.
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My wife began using this right away and absolutely loved it and the smell of it! Defintiely a winner!
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I received a free sample from PINCHme of Ivory Free and Gentle Body Wash.Wow! I don't typically leave rave reviews about anything. I am in love with this product!!! It is so soft, lathers up nicely and smells pleasant. It doesn't have a overpowering scent but it reminds me of a spring garden (sent of sweet pea and lily) with a bit of a clean smell to it. It isn't harsh, and leaves a beautiful lingering sent on the skin. My husband also loves it will be on the next purchase list for our house.
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I love it!!! It leaves your skin clean and soft. It's not too oily or dry it's the perfect mixture. I'm almost out of it and plan on replenishing soon.
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such a great smell and it last all day and you dont need very much a little goes a long way
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I received a bottle of Ivory Free & Gentle Body Wash free from PINCHme in return for my honest review of it. The first thing that made me want to try it & I liked about it before even trying it was the ingredients it leaves out compared to other body washes such as Parabens. It had a very pleasant , but light floral fragrance to it ( I would have preferred a little more fragrance, but not a deal breaker at all). It goes on very smooth and light with no stickiness or residue left on. My skin felt clean and soft afterwards.
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Love using ivory free and gentle body wash because it makes me feel invigorated!
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I used the Ivory Free and Gentle Body wash and I didn't like it. I need it gets the job done but the small was horrible and at the end it made my skin feel weird.
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IVORY FREE AND GENTLE BODY WASH is very gentle on my sensitive skin. I received a free sample from PinchMe.
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I received a free sample of this from Pinchme and it is AMAZING! The smell is so fresh yet pretty and the soap itself is really creamy and lathers great. It doesn't leave a residue on my skin and washes off with ease. Did I mention it's even wonderful for sensitive skin?!
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This body wash was one of the soapiest soap ever. Its full coverage with bare minimam and smells amazing! I would recommend this to anyone!
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I've never heard of this body wash before but I love it so much and will start buying it for now on and it smells so good too!! Probably one of the best smells of all body washes
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Ivory Free and Gentle Body Wash feels clean and soft on my skin and I am absolutely overwhelmed! I suffer from very sensitive skin and this was truly amazing on my skin. Loved it!!
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I can't believe how much I love it!! The ingredients are perfect, smell delicious and cleans my skin without drying it. I fell in love with it, I love natural products but they often fail to deliver, however this bodywash really amaze me. Is now going to be a staple with my products.
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I recieved this product from PINCHMe to give my honest review. I am so excited that I did receive this product. I was exceptional at first due to my daughters and my own sensitive skin, but I was proven wrong. This was so luxurious, and made our skin so soft and smell great! We are so happy and plan on buying a new bottle soon. We are also excited to try out their other scents.
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Ivory did a really great job creating that body wash. First, it feels like milk and very soft and gentle on my body, second, the pump is very helpful actually in the shower for quick and control release of the body wash. It smells great and left my skin very soft and smell nice for very long . I will absolutely buy it again, no wonder they name it Ivory Free and Gentle Body Wash because it REALLY is!!!
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I used the Ivory Free and gentle body wash and I just love it! It is perfect for my sensitive skin and the scent was simply divine. I loved how foamy the wash was and easy to rinse off. My skin felt just perfect smooth clean & healthy. Thank you for sample!
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I love the way this body wash smells, and feels. It doesn't dry my skin out and it lathers great!
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I received a free sample of the "Free and Gentle" by Ivory and it was wonderful. It made my skin feel so soft. I definitely reccomend it.
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I absolutely love the Ivory Free & Gentle Body Wash! When I got my free sample in the mail it was a full size bottle rather than just a sample size so I was more than surprised to get a regular size bottle. Not only is it a great body wash, but It smells so good! I love the smell it has and will definitely be buying this on a regular basis. I highly recommend this body wash.
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me & my daughter loves this body wash, we love the smell & I love how it leaves my skin soft after every use, im going to buy this one,
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This body wash was so gentle that it didn't make me break out. It made my skin silky smooth and smells amazing.