Orbit® White Gum

Orbit® White Gum

23845 reviews

Big Flavor. Soft Chew.



Try a gum that helps keep teeth white*. Make the most of the moment with the clean and fresh mouth feeling of Orbit® gum, now in a soft chew.

Sample comes with two peppermint or spearmint flavor soft chews.

*chewing one piece for 12 minutes, five times per day helped reduce staining in a 12-week clinical trial

Key Features
  • Sugarfree
  • Available in Peppermint and Spearmint


  • A sweet treat for 5 calories or less per piece
  • Orbit® White gum is available in 40ct and 15ct bottles
  • Buy Orbit® White gum at your local retailer

Made of: xylitol, gum base, less than 2% of: natural and artificial flavors, acacia, aspartame, soy lecithin, sorbitol, acesulfame K, colirng (include blue 1), sodium bicarbonate, carnauba wax, BHT (to maintain freshness).

Phenylketonurics: contains phenylalanine.


Based on 23845 reviews
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Orbit White Gum gives fresh breath and helps me curb my hunger while at work waiting for lunch time
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I like how fresh my mouth feels after chewing Orbit.
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Thank you Pinch me and Orbit for the opportunity to try and review Orbit® White Gum for free. I really enjoyed it and have since purchased it for myself and for my family. I highly recommend this to others as they won't be disappointed.
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This gum is great! The flavor is strong but not overwhelming and leaves my mouth feeling clean and refreshed.
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Orbit gum flavor a are good great sample which the sample had least 2 or 3 days sample to try
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I really like this gum it has a very minty flavor that doesn't wear off after a few minutes like other gum. I also like how the gum doesn't get stiff like other gum it stays very soft and chewy even when it gets old.
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I received Orbit White Gum in a sample box from Pinchme and had to try it first. The first few chews were really good. I actually rarely chew gum because of my teeth and it gets stuck in between them and this gum did NOT, I was happy about that. The sample tells you that you need to try for a while a few times a day for a certain amount of minutes for you to get any whitening benefits so only getting 2 pieces leaves me not able to say if that if it works or not. Lastly the beginning flavor like I said was really good but it didn't last 5 minutes.
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Pinch Me sent me a free sample of Orbit White gum. I drink coffee every morning and sometimes my mouth doesn't feel as clean as I would like so I used the gum right after and it works well. Taste great without overpowering and makes my teeth/mouth feel cleaner.
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Pinch Me sent me free Orbit White gum as part of my sample box. I used it on my way to work and was impressed on how minty my mouth feels and how clean my teeth are after a few minutes of chewing. Great gum.
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I got to try Orbit White Gum, and I was quite happy with the flavor and the texture. I chewed it after lunch and it did all of the things I would expect a gum to do: hydrate and freshen my mouth, control food odors on my breath, and remove any remaining food particles from my teeth. I really enjoyed the sweet peppermint flavor and the crunchy shell, but I would almost like to have more of the shell to give it a little bit more bite. I couldn't tell whether it actually whitened my teeth, but I was happy with its performance as a breath freshening gum, which, when you think about it, is really what matters.
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i really like the taste of this gum and it made my mouth feel clean no after taste and it suppose to whiten your teeth which is great and it stay soft while chewing AND love the Flavor
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I love this gum it gave me such fresh breath but it wasn't enough to tell if it gave me white teeth because it was a sample but I would buy it. It also does not stick to my teeth.
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Orbit's White Gum really left my mouth feeling clean and fresh and I really noticed my teeth were whiter after having chewed it. I also like how thick the pieces are.
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I loved the taste of this orbit white gum! It left my mouth feeling squeaky clean. I loved that it added a whitening aspect. The only downside is that i am a bubble blower and it was a bit sticky to blow bubbles as it stuck to my lips a lot. but over all i would DEFF purchase this product again.
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Great tasting gum that will leave your breath fresh
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Orbit White Gum really left my mouth feeling fresh and clean. I like the thick chunks of the gum too!
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I received a sample of Orbit White Gum and this is my own opinion. This gum had a nice refreshing flavor and was long lasting. It left my mouth feeling clean like I had just brushed my teeth but without the after taste of toothpaste. I really like this brand over most of the others I have used.
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I loved the taste of Orbits White Gum, fresh, clean, whitening effect helps make it an easy choice.
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I love the fresh sensation the orbit white gum leave in my mouth after each food
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It tasted really good and made my breath fresh. I just didn't like how fast it got soft, which made me want to spit it out quickly.
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this gum has a great taste last long and leaves a refreshing feeling in my mouth i plan on buying more often.
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I received this product for free to review form PINCHME. I did not like the texture or flavor of this gum. It felt crumbly when I started chewing it and I did not like the flavor.
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I had try before Orbit brand and it didn't really a awesome memory. So when I receive white gum form Orbit I was impatient to taste the flavor. This gum is perfect if you wanna fresh up your mouth. I felt fresh after trying this product I simply love it. The taste is strong enough to actually make the flavor noticeable. The only thing is that the gum get hard really quick so I feel this is more for a fresh if up processing that actually chewing on it for a while
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I enjoyed Orbits White Gum. It provides a great, minty flavor and lasts quite a bit longer than other brands I've tried. One thing I wish is that it came in a soft form, rather than the crunchy square.
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wow this gum is very refreshing .Taste always said it didnt go away it lasted a long time