Zuke’s® Mini Naturals® Plus Vitamins & Minerals

Zuke’s® Mini Naturals® Plus Vitamins & Minerals

525 reviews

Wholesome, Tender Mini Bites for All Your Adventures in Training



Training is one of the biggest adventures for you and your dog. And with the right treat, you can keep every moment healthy and deliciously fun. Zuke’s® Mini Naturals are specially crafted in the USA using the Earth’s best ingredients – like protein-rich meat, wholefood berries, savory herbs and NO corn, wheat or soy. And at less than 3 calories per treat, they’re the perfect size to fit every trainable moment that pops up on you and your dog’s long, rewarding journey together.


  • Less than 3 calories per treat
  • Perfect for frequent rewards or as a healthy training treat
  • Corn, wheat & soy free
  • Crafted in the USA using the Earth’s best ingredients

Zuke’s® Mini Naturals are available at pet specialty retailers nationwide in 6 oz and 16 oz pouches and in six recipes: Chicken, Peanut Butter & Oats, Duck, Salmon, Pork, and Rabbit


Based on 525 reviews
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My puppy baby did not care too much for this product.
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The lines mini naturals dog treats are ok I just wish they were a little softer for older dogs with missing teeth
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My little dog loves Zuke's Mini Naturals, thanks Pinchme for sending me that little sample I will defenetly keep getting it for my dog..
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I received a sample of Zuke’s Mini Naturals Plus Vitamins & Minerals as a member of PINCHme and my dog absolutely goes bonkers for it. She loves them so much, and I love the fact they are made with such quality ingredients with added vitamins and minerals.
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I received Zuke's Mini Naturals dog treats for my little dog and she loved them. They are small enough to be used for training. My dog has a problem with trying to snatch treats or food out of your hand. I used these to teach her how to be gentle and they have worked really well.
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We have been using various Zuke's treats for years, and were excited when we received the Zuke’s® Mini Naturals® Plus Vitamins & Minerals to try from Pinch Me. This was a new recipe/formula for us and my dogs were not at all disappointed! They LOVE them and we will definitely add them to our regular treat rotation. I love that they are Made in the USA with all natural ingredients, low in calories, and something I can feel good about giving to my dogs.
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My dogs love this. They can not eat them fast enough. I love them because they definitely were healthier for my dog. They see this bag now and they go crazy. Thank you for such a great product Zuke's!!
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Although these treats are small, they are a good snack for my puppy when she deserves a treat
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Just the right size for my dog - she's a terrier mix and has trouble with large treats. Zuke's Mini Naturals are perfect for her!
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Zukes mini naturals is a great product. My dogs like them just as much as their normal brand. I will be adding this product to my grocery list
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I received Zuke's Mini Naturals from Pinchme for free to sample. I like that these treats are natural and have multiple flavors. My dog seemed to enjoy the treats. The treats are very small and make good training treats.
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I received Zuke's Mini Naturals from free from Pinchme. My dog enjoyed the treats. I like the fact Zuke's is using natural ingredients. I would recommend these treats.
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I, myself can't vouge for the taste of these treats, but my puppy sure loved them & kept coming back for me. I like that the ingredients are all natural & grain free!
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I received these Zuke's Mini Naturals treats as part of a promotion. My dog was very excited about them from the minute I opened the box- she wouldn't stop sniffing the package. I got a couple out for her to try, and she promptly sat down and did whatever she needed to do to get them! The size of these treats worked well for us- they are a tad too big to give a bunch at a time to my 20lb dog, but they are big enough and tasty enough that they made a great treat for bathtime, staying, etc. I hope to work these in to our treat rotation.
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Zukes mini natural are great little training treats to give incentive. Puppy seemed to enjoy tje taste as well
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My puppy is a very fussy picky eater and so it's hard to find a good treat that he'll like. When I received the Zuke's Mini Naturals in the mail a week ago. I gave some to my puppy to try and he loved it, it was nice a moist and now I know a good treat to start getting him..
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My dogs enjoyed the flavor of the Zuke's mini naturals. They are a great size to use for training too!
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My dogs like Zukes but they love chicken jerky better. I would buy this brand because they do not like a lot of treats and they actually ate these so I would consider purchasing them
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The brand Zuke's Mini Naturals dog treats are amazing! My dog loves these and I love knowing that this product is natural! They aren't too big or too small either. I wll be buying more!
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My cats enjoyed the treats more than dogs. They are to small in size
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I received a sample of ZUKE’S® MINI NATURALS from PINCHme. After initial sniffs, our dog decided to give the treat a try and he came back for more. These mini treats will be added to our dogs daily menu for variety.
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The bag of Zukes Mini Naturals came in Pinch Me box, but believe me my dogs smelled it long before I even got the box open. The smell and taste of these treats are very appealing to dogs. I think all pet parents like to give them treats they will really enjoy - that will really be a treat. At the same time, quality is extremely important since tainted treats (often produced outside of the US) have been the source of more than a few illnesses and deaths. I feel very confident in Zuke's.
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I have two dogs, a chihuahua and a mini golden doodle. The golden doodle will eat anything but the chihuahua can be picky. When I presented my dogs with the treat the chihuahua was hestitant at first, just sniffing the product but after a couple of mins she ate it. I would say they both enjoyed it. I like the small size of the treats which is great for training purposes. I don't think I would buy this product, I would stick to my regular dog treats that I purchase for them.
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These mini natural treats are so good for my dog and she loves them thanks !!!
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These are perfect for guilt-free treats for my older pups, and they both absolutely love them. I'm able to give them a few, and they can't get enough. The only problem is anytime I'm anywhere near the vicinity of the bag, they both sit and stare at me expectantly. These are the perfect size for training!