Muse Natural Dry Recipes

Muse Natural Dry Recipes

921 reviews

Who knew natural could taste so good?



With a tempting taste even finicky cats can’t resist, Muse natural dry cat foods combine all the nutrition your adult cat needs with the deliciousness she wants.

• Grain free and gluten free

• Real chicken or salmon is the #1 ingredient

• No fillers or chicken by-product meal

• No corn, no wheat, no soy

You will receive one sample of Charmed With Chicken Recipe


  • No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives
  • Natural + essential nutrients
  • Crafted in Clinton, Iowa, USA
  • Antioxidants help support a strong immune system
  • Linoleic acid, an Omega-6 fatty acid, helps promote healthy skin and a shiny coat

Available at pet specialty nationwide


Based on 921 reviews
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My cat loves the Muse Natural Dry Recipes cat food that I received for free from PINCHme. My cat is a pretty picky eater and I'm surprised he liked this! I will continue to buy it from now on for him!
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My cat liked this free sample of Muse Natural Dry Recipes.
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I received a small bag of Muse Natural Dry Recipes cat food from PinchMe. I was very happy with the size of the bag, because it could either be used for a few servings, or as I used it, as a treat. My cats really enjoyed it!
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I received a sample bag of Muse Natural Dry Recipes cat food from PinchMe. I wasn't very thrilled with the small size, but it worked well as a treat and my cats liked it.
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Muse Natural Dry Recipes cat food is one that my cat loves to have to eat.
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This cat food wad great for my cat because he loves to eat, eating healthier foods would be better.
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My cats liked Muse nature dry recipe cat food. I like that it had a different type of flavoring for the cats to try; like pumpkin.
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The first thing I noticed about Muse dry cat food was the smell. It smelled like the ingredients it included pumpkin, chicken, etc. It didn't have any hint of the chemical or off putting smells that other foods tend to have. Our cats devoured it and we used the coupon you gave us to get more. It is a little pricy, but worth the splurge once and a while.
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My cats went crazy for these treat!! I say for them that they loved them and I will deff be purchasing a bag when the sample runs out! Love that it is all natural!
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I always buy my cat natural dry food. She prefers seafood flavors, but she enjoyed this food. The pieces were small and star shaped, smaller than the food she currently eats. This food was not geared towards any age range and I prefer to feed my cat senior food.
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I recieved a free sample from pinchme of muse natural dry recipes cat food. I gave both my cats a portion and they didnt like it. They sniffed and licked once or twice and walked away as if put dirt in their plate.
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Thank you pinchme for the free sample of Muse Natural Dry Recipes. Both my cats seemed to really enjoy it. Believe it or not they are very picky eaters. We have had wet food by muse before and they loved that too! I like that it is healthier for my cats and that I could actually read the ingredients. Not to mention it had pumpkin in it! Perfect for the fall spirit.
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My cat seemed to like Muse's NAtural Dry Recipes cat food. She ate the whole sample in a day. I would buy it again, but my cat has a sensitive stomach and I don't like to change her food very often
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My cat's enjoyed the taste of this food. I will be purchasing this food in the future.
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If only my cat could leave a review! Overall it was a good product, my cat ate everything I put out for her and my favorite part of Muse Natural Dry Recipes was that the first ingredient was real chicken! Since PinchMe introduced me to this sample, I'm intrigued to see what other products they offer and purchase in the future for my lovely feline to try out.
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I received Muse Natural Dry Recipes cat food as a sample for my data and then they seemed to like it. I forgot the whole flavor name but I know it had pumpkin in it. ive wanted to try it before but the price has stopped me seeing my cata are very picky. But I'll definitely purchase iron now that I know my cats will eat it.
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My cat tried tbe Muse natural dry recipes and ate it all, so I guess he likes it.
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My cat seemed to like the taste of this food and I am glad it is healthy for her.
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Product seemed fine, however I prefer the brand I currently use. If I was unable to purchase my current brand, this would be a good lower cost option.
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I love when healthy cat food is so delicious, cats will think it's a treat instead of a meal!
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Based on my cats they loved the taste. They are very picky so it must be good.
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My cats are quite picky and they will even change their tastes from one day to the next. They ate the muse natural dry recipes food, however, I didn't see any different in their reaction upon smelling it or eating it than their regular food. I'm not sure I believe that at cat food is "natural" because they are all processed. Does it really make a difference with pets? I'm not entirely convinced.
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When I put the Muse cat food in Mitten's food bowl she nudged my hand out of way and her face disappeared in her food bowl so yes she liked the product. I liked what I read the ingredients.
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My cats loved Muse Natural Dry Recipes cat food so much that when I left half of the bag on my desk, one of them knocked it off to get at the rest. All three of them were acting like the food was a treat instead of a meal because it tasted so great to them. I will definitely pick up a bag for them when I get to the supermarket next.