ConairMan I-Stubble Flex Head Trimmer

ConairMan I-Stubble Flex Head Trimmer

Respect the Ritual™ –
ConairMan’s trimmers elevate grooming to a ritual that reflects his respect for himself, his look and the confidence he brings to everything he does. Because if he’s taking the time to do it, he needs the tools to do it well.


Get the perfect trim with the CONAIRMAN I Stubble sleek design trimmer with its built in lithium ion rechargeable battery, giving it a reliable charge for cordless usage. The trimmer head is a pivoting flex head for contour movement, so it can hug the curves and corners of your face. Trimming will be easy to control, yet still comfortable. Easy to use rotary flex head for cutting hair from 0.4mm-10mm for a total of 48 settings. Attach the extra-long guide comb for a 5.4mm-10mm cutting length. Razor sharp blades for a clean, sharp cut.

Will be available this Fall at, Amazon, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Harmon Drug, Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid


  • Pivoting glex head
  • Premium precision etched blades


  • Pivoting head adjusts perfectly to the face
  • Lithium Ion Powered Battery provides advanced rechargeable technology
  • Chemically etched blades provide a clean razor sharp cut
  • Flip back guide comb for trimming and detailing
  • Extra-long guide comb to shape longer beards
  • Precision detailing blade attachment for all fine lines