Muse® Masterpieces® Natural Turkey & Chicken Recipe

Muse® Masterpieces® Natural Turkey & Chicken Recipe

Irresitibly Crunchy + Purrfectly Meaty


This is no ordinary dry cat food. We started with our uncommonly good crunchy pieces, then sprinkled in slow-cooked, meaty pieces until we struck a blissful balance cats love. Real turkey is the first ingredient, followed by simple ingredients and essential nutrients for a wholesome meal both of you can appreciate.

• PINCHme sample is 2 oz Natural Turkey & Chicken Sample Pouch
• Available online and at Pet Specialty Stores Nationwide



• Real turkey is the #1 ingredient
• Meaty pieces are made with 90% fresh chicken and are slow-cooked to intensify flavor
• No grain, no gluten
• No corn, no wheat, no soy
• Natural + essential nutritients