Heinz Real Mayonnaise

Heinz Real Mayonnaise

Heinz Real Mayonnaise, Unforgettably Creamy

In addition to your SOOOO Deliciously Creamy Sandwich Spread, you will also receive a coupon for Heinz Real Mayonnaise to redeem in stores!


Try Heinz SOOOO Deliciously Creamy Sandwich Spread! A deliciously creamy spread– crafted with quality ingredients of lemon juice and carefully selected oil and vinegar. Find Heinz Real Mayonnaise nationwide in all major grocery stores, and let this unforgettably creamy mayonnaise transform your favorite foods into culinary delights.


  • Heinz Real Mayonnaise available at grocery stores nationwide

Key Features:

  • Crafted to have an unforgettably creamy texture
  • Made with 100% Cage Free Eggs
  • Squeezable bottle or wide mouth jar for easy use
  • Made with real lemon juice and hand-selected vinegars and oil