SlimFast Diabetic Weight Loss Nutty Caramel & Chocolate Cluster Snack

SlimFast Diabetic Weight Loss Nutty Caramel & Chocolate Cluster Snack

Helps Manage Carbs and Sugar with the clinically proven SlimFast Plan*

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Now a weight management option for persons living with Type II diabetes. The SlimFast Plan has multiple clinical weight loss studies that prove it’s suitable for people living with Type II diabetes. As a part of the Plan, our Diabetic Weight Loss products have the flavors you love, help manage carbs and sugar, are low in net carbs, and offer a variety of additional nutritional benefits. And, you have the freedom to enjoy your favorite meals.

SlimFast Diabetic Weight Loss is as easy as 1-2-3: One Sensible Meal, Two Meal Replacements with SlimFast bars and shakes, Three Snacks under 100 calories with SlimFast decadent snacks.

Nutty Caramel & Chocolate Cluster Key Features:

  • Just 80 calories per snack
  • Packed with delicious flavor and low carb nutrition
  • Only 2g net carbs
  • Zero added sugar
  • 6g of fiber to help satisfy cravings between meals


They are the perfect low-carb snack with fiber to help calm cravings between meals while only containing less than 100 calories. These delicious treats are made with zero added sugar and are free from artificial sweeteners, flavors and colors. They are an important part of the Diabetic Weight Loss family of products, which are part of the SlimFast Plan.

Product Label:
Clinically Proven – Lose Weight & Keep It Off*

* When used as part of the SlimFast Plan (a reduced-calorie diet, regular exercise, and plenty of fluids). Read label prior to use. This product is intended to help manage blood sugar and not intended for the treatment or prevention of disease, including Diabetes Type I, Type II, or Gestational Diabetes. Check with your doctor if you have been diagnosed with Type I, Type II or Gestational Diabetes, are insulin dependent, nursing, pregnant, are under 18, or following a doctor-prescribed diet.