V8® Veggie Blends

V8® Veggie Blends

17208 reviews

You will receive one 12 Oz Veggie Blends as per drop-down selection below AND one 12 Oz can of V8® + Energy Orange Pineapple Lightly Carbonated. Enjoy!



V8® Veggie Blends – V8 Veggie Blends are a healthy beverage option for those looking for a perfect blend of vegetables with a touch of fruit that contain 1 full serving of vegetables* and an excellent source of antioxidant vitamins A, C & E. Available in 12 ounce and 46 ounce bottles.

V8® + Energy - Get the boost you need to get through your busy day with V8 +Energy. A refreshing juice that is powered by natural green tea—so you can feel good about it, too! Available in 12 ounce single cans, and 12 ounce 4-packs.

Veggie Blends:
- 1 full serving of vegetables
- vitamins A, C & E

- Excellent source of B vitamins, Contains one combined serving of vegetables and fruit


Veggie Blends
Healthy Greens Nutrition Facts* Serving Size 8 fl. oz. • Calories: 60 • Fat Calories: 0 • Total Fat: 0g • Sat. Fat: 0g • Trans. Fat: 0g • Cholesterol: 0mg • Sodium: 210mg • Potassium: 430mg • Carbohydrate Total: 14g • Fiber: 0g • Sugars: 11g • Protein: 1g % Daily Values** • Vitamin A: 35% • Vitamin C: 100% • Calcium: 4% • Iron: 10% • Vitamin E: 20%

Mandarin Orange Kiwi Nutrition Facts* Serving Size 8 fl. oz. • Calories: 70 • Fat Calories: 0 • Total Fat: 0g • Sodium: 90mg • Potassium: 260mg • Carbohydrate Total: 17g • Sugars: 15g % Daily Values** • Vitamin A: 80% • Vitamin C: 100% • Vitamin E: 20%

Carrot Mango Nutrition Facts* Serving Size 8 fl. oz. • Calories: 60 • Fat Calories: 0 • Total Fat: 0g • Sat. Fat: 0g • Trans. Fat: 0g • Cholesterol: 0mg • Sodium: 160mg • Potassium: 340mg • Carbohydrate Total: 15g • Fiber: 1g • Sugars: 12g • Protein: 1g % Daily Values** • Vitamin A: 200% • Vitamin C: 100% • Calcium: 2% • Iron: 0% • Vitamin E: 20%

Orange Pineapple Lightly Carbonated Nutrition Facts* Serving Size 12 fl. oz. • Calories: 50 • Fat Calories: 0 • Total Fat: 0g • Sat. Fat: 0g • Trans. Fat: 0g • Cholesterol: 0mg • Sodium: 65mg • Carbohydrate Total: 12g • Fiber: 0g • Sugars: 10g • Protein: 0g % Daily Values** • Vitamin A: 35% • Vitamin C: 20% • Calcium: 0% • Iron: 0% • Thiamin: 30% • Riboflavin: 20% • Niacin: 20% • Vitamin B6: 20% • Vitamin B12: 30%


Based on 17208 reviews
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Tasted great without taking too sweet. Would recommend
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I didn't really enjoy this product but I knew that it was good for me. If I was trying to go completely healthy or knew someone who was I would recommend this product 100%!
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I enjoyed the drink very tasty and didn't even taste like normal drink
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The taste of the drink was too green. It may be designed for someone who likes to drink their veggies but I am not that person.
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Being a new mom this product was great to grab for when I left the house quickly and didn't have time to eat. This satisfied my hunger and thirst while out running around.
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Taste could be better but would buy and take with me while on the go.
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Love the idea of vegetables and fruit in a drink that provides for your body, it taste good just a little unsweetened
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I feel that this product it's perfect. It contains a lot of veggies and it's a perfect meal to go. I recommend it.
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The problem and the reason I won't be buying any more, is that they've taken vegetables and put too much sweetness in them. This doesn't taste like a vegetable juice. I feel like there are better green juices than this...it kinda tasted like spinach water!!
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I know the drink is healthy and very good for you ...but I did not like the taste of it.
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Love the taste not sweet & know I am putting something good in my body
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V8 fusion blend is great for the mornings i do not have time to make a smoothie. I love the taste and health benefits.
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It is definitely a energy drink, so it's a little bit to strong for me.
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I never a fan of V8 now I am the number 1 fan!!!!!!! I am sooooooo grateful that I can try this product,
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The idea of having your green juice ready on the go is good but the sodium content is very high,it has a good flavor and texture.
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The product is a great healthy alternative to any non-healthy beverage. It's great that it has only 90 calories and 60% of Vitamin A, only downfall is the taste. It tastes like plain water with vegetables mixed in it.
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Thought it would taste similar to V8 splash but doesn't. It tastes astes like regular V8 which I do not like.
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I loved it. This would be good for children too. I think the fruits and veggies were perfectly blended.
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The flavor was really good I dont like so much veggies but I like this juice
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I wasn't sure what to expect when I received a sample of V8 Orange Pineapple in the mail. I was pleasantly surprised! The carbonated beverage has only 50 calories with a tasty zing. It was a great natural pick-me-up on a rainy, overcast day.
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My husband drank this V8 sample. He loves vegetable drinks and he said it was Delicious.
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It was good I enjoyed it. The carrot juice was Really refreshing and the energy drink tastes like pineapple candy soaked in soda but really good.
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I didn't like the Healthy Greens flavor. I prefer sweet and fruity flavors or just plain water. I'm sure the flavors with fruit are awesome.
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I had my husband try this product since he is a vegetarian. He like the fact that is wasn't high in sugar and it had no fructose corn syrup. However he said it didn't taste 100 percent natural nonetheless he would drink again if he had no other choice.
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I was surprised at how good it tasted! I expected it to taste more artificial than it did. I thought it would taste like super sweet apple juice but that is not the case. It was very refreshing. I was also skeptical about the vegetables in it but you can't even taste it so its a great way to sneak in those vegetables for the day. It's also only 100 calories for the whole bottle which is awesome. It is a little high in sugar with 23 grams but I guess that's not that bad but you can always add water to it to make it not as sweet. I personally drink mostly water so it was on the sweet side for me but it is still delicious. It is definitely a great drink to drink to get your fruits and vegetables.